Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sexual Deviancy Too Pornographic for a Prison is Nevertheless Touted by Planned Parenthood for 10 Year Old Kids

Would you consider a sexually explicit booklet -- a booklet banned from a prison as being too pornographic -- a booklet that openly endorses promiscuity, homosexuality, masturbation (including visuals) as appropriate reading material for a 10-year old kid?

Well, that's just what Planned Parenthood has done. And the grim story (and a rather gross one at that) is told in a truly alarming video prepared by American Life League. You can view it and get a brief setup on Jill Stanek's web site here.

After watching the video, you might make use of the link to alert your friends, neighbors, school officials, public librarians, business leaders and political representatives to what depths of immorality Planned Parenthood is gleefully willing to plunge. After all, if you wait for the mainstream media to publicize this remarkable story, you'll be waiting forever.