Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Atlantic City Abortion Mill Closes Because It Won't Meet Health Standards: Are You Listening Judge Smith?

The decades-long presence of an embattled city abortion clinic has finally come to an end.

A New Jersey Health Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the Alternatives abortion clinic has opted to surrender its license to the state instead of correcting the list of violations detailed in a report that caused the sudden closing of the clinic more than three months ago.

Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz, who leased the facility to Alternatives, said the clinic's equipment was emptied out of the building last month and the space is available for lease.
"They moved out, everything is out of there," Schultz said in a phone interview. "My lawyers just sent them a letter telling them they're like a month behind on their rent."

The state's report detailed a slew of violations at the clinic, including bloodstained operating tables, expired drugs and the absence of a sterilization sink.

The June 22 inspection was the first time the clinic had been surveyed by health officials in six years, although Health Department rules require inspections of licensed clinics every other year. Health inspectors' absence at Alternatives follows a statewide trend, with 83 percent of the state's ambulatory care facilities not receiving their required routine checks...

It is noteworthy that this abortion mill owner claimed (like Planned Parenthood is now doing in Missouri) that he couldn't afford to make the changes necessary to bring the grisly business up to code. With the incredible profits an abortionist makes, he couldn't afford to change the sheets!

This claim presents a splendid opportunity for responsible journalists (not to mention court officials like Ortrie Smith in the current Missouri situation) to expose the abortion industry's immense profits as well as its lack of concern for even basic standards of health and safety for women.

So...where are those journalists and judges?