Friday, July 27, 2007

Hailing the Burqini: Time Magazine's Outrageous Double Standard in Swimsuits

It's amazing how supposedly liberal and feminist publications that enjoy roasting conservative Christians will turn around and honor Islamic traditions as the latest rage. Witness Time's promotional coverage this week of the "Burqini," the head-to-toe women's swimsuit.

If this was a Pat Robertson idea, they'd be bowled over laughing.

But it's Islamic, so it's surprisingly chic.

The front page of the Life section, in the July 30 edition, promoted the story by Laura Fitzpatrick: "The Burqini swimsuits allow women, Muslim or not, to choose comfort over conformity." Obeying Islamic dictates of modesty is not conformity? On a 90-degree day, a head-to-toe suit is the definition of comfort? On page 50, the story's headline touted, "The New Swimsuit Issue: Modest beachwear for Muslim women is taking off with secular swimmers too."

(Source: Media Research Center)