Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Destroying Unborn Babies Because They Have Disabilities Is Wrong...But Destroying Other Unborn Babies Is Okay?

A nurse says about a child with diabetes, "Too bad they didn't catch that before birth," implying, of course, that a successful prenatal screening would have resulted in an abortion -- end of problem. This is just one example of the cultural schizophrenia caused by legalized abortion. We are taught to respect, value and care for disabled people but, at the same time, taught that such disabilities make people "mistakes" that should be erased whenever possible.

Here is a brief Q&A article exploring this double standard. It features Marsha Saxton, a University of California, Berkeley lecturer and one of the authors of the landmark feminist health book, Our Bodies, Ourselves. Saxton argues against the "select and destroy" attitude inherent in most prenatal testing but yet supports "abortion rights" in general. Can she not see the inconsistency and hypocrisy of her position, a position that says killing preborn children because they have disabilities is wrong, but killing preborn children because they are merely inconvenient, expensive or otherwise unwanted is right?

Here's the article as printed in California Catholic Daily.