Monday, April 23, 2007

Some Town Hall Recommendations

There is always provocative, relevant, right-minded reading available from the talented columnists assembled by Town Hall. But you already know that. Indeed, many of you have Town Hall bookmarked or, better still, have their columns coming to you regularly through e-mail compilations. (If you don't have that latter advantage, you can easily do so. Just check out this page.)

In the meanwhile, let me suggest a few particularly strong columns from recent days: Armstrong William's take on the hypocrisy surrounding denunciations of Don Imus and the "free pass" being given the big money interests behind gangsta' hip hop; Harry R. Jackson's explanations of just how dangerous to the freedoms of speech and religion is the proposed Hate Crimes legislation; and two pieces dealing with abortion and politics -- one by young Austin Hill and the other by Nathan Tabor.