Thursday, March 22, 2007

Singin' Those Democrat Tax Hike Blues -- Again

Writing in today's Washington Times, Jon Kyl, the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, takes a common sense view of the Democrat budget plan -- and common sense is one thing the Democrats have certainly left out of their equations.

If there's one thing every American on a budget knows, it's that you can't have it all. Ordinary Americans know that if you increase spending in one area of your budget, you have to decrease spending in another area, or risk going into debt. And they know that if you're already in debt, you have to trim your expenditures to pay back the money you owe. Unfortunately, the budget proposal that the Democrats introduced last week fails to understand this important principle.

The Democrats' budget sends one message loud and clear: You can have it all. You can increase spending to the tune of $150 billion, pay down the deficit and create a budget surplus all at the same time. What the Democrats' budget isn't as clear on is how to actually pay for all this. The proposal conveniently disguises the fact that Democrats are prepared to allow massive tax increases to pay for their increased spending...

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