Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Opposing the Exportation of Abortion

"The lives of countless Africans have been lost or harmed by war, crime, famine or disease and abortion, legal and illegal threatens to destroy the next generation of African children. It is false to claim that abortion will be safe if it is legal. Abortion is never safe for the child and can harm the woman physically, emotionally and psychologically whether legal or illegal."

These words are from pro-life hero Chris Smith, Republican Congressman from New Jersey, as he addressed an audience at Pan-African University Aja in Lagos, Nigeria.

Here's the news story from (a bit slanted as can be expected but still of use) and over here is the Congressman's official memo dealing with his trip which, besides his talk at the University, was to deal with human trafficking and to help monitor U.S. assistance to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.