Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New York Times' "Puff Piece" on Frances Kissling

Frances Kissling has been called the “philosopher of the pro-choice movement” by her friends and an “abortion queen” by her critics.

Frances Kissling, who for 25 years has led Catholics for a Free Choice, has angered some in her church with her advocacy for reproductive rights.
But the name Ms. Kissling wears most defiantly, to the consternation of many religious believers, is Roman Catholic. For 25 years, as president of Catholics for a Free Choice, she has angered the church hierarchy and conservative Catholics by criticizing fundamental teachings on sex.

“I’m so Catholic, I can’t get away from it,” said Ms. Kissling, who was once in a convent. “How I construct concepts of life, of justice, it all comes out of being Catholic...”

The rest of this promotional piece on the hypocrite/heretic Ms. Kissling is more of the same...about what you'd expect from the New York Times who has yet to meet a Catholic dissident it doesn't like.