Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reflecting on the March for Life

Quint Coppi is a former flight navigator, a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force whose careers after his military service have included teaching and educational administration. His volunteer activities involve pastoral care, intercession, singing with the choir of his church, grassroots advocacy, and numerous Christian pro-life activities. He is a Governing Board member of Vital Signs Ministries. Quint's 49+ year marriage to Carol has been a very blessed one with their ministry together being of immense value to their children, grandchildren, students, fellow church members, professional associates...and their many, many friends.

Quint flew into Washington, D.C. last Saturday morning in order to be on hand for the annual March for Life. Here is his brief commentary on the events of that weekend.

Reflections on the March for Life marking the 34th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Most anniversaries we observe are times when we celebrate family events such as birthdays or weddings. Some are national events like Independence Day, V-E Day or Thanksgiving. Other anniversaries are religious in nature like Christmas, Epiphany, Passover and Easter. However, there are other anniversaries that are certainly NOT a time for celebration -- these commemorations grieve the heart because the events we remember cause us to soberly reflect on terrible tragedies. Of this kind of anniversary are Pearl Harbor Day, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the Oklahoma City bombing. For we Americans who recognize the sanctity of all human life, January 22nd, the day when the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand, is the saddest anniversary of all. And the annual March for Life held in Washington, D.C. is the most visible expression of our deep sorrow over the carnage of almost 50 million unborn children that have been destroyed by the abortionists in these last 34 years.

It had been 5 or 6 years since I had attended this annual March, so when the opportunity presented itself to go with dear friends, Denny, Claire, Dick and Matt, I knew it was the time to attend the March again. Also, on these trips, we take advantage of the chance to see the major sights of our nation's capitol as well as enjoying fellowship and prayer with one another.

It was no coincidence that we chose to visit the National Holocaust Museum first. This museum describes in graphic detail, with displays, text, photos and multimedia presentations, the horror of the assault on life by the Nazis under Adolph Hitler. Though many groups of people were attacked and killed by the Nazis, their primary focus was against the Jews as they specifically targeted the entire race for extermination.

The sheer horrors of this attempt at genocide are overwhelming -- over 6 million Jews slaughtered by the most barbaric means. And yet...what our society has ventured into beginning with Roe v Wade is no less savage and selfish. And our crimes against humanity rage decade after decade to this very day. The only difference is that the targeted group now is innocent, defenseless children in the womb. It is so ironic that, following the end of World War II, we held the Nuremberg Trials and condemned the Nazis for their murder, but less than thirty years later, we in the United States embarked on a campaign of murder that has far surpassed the Nazis in numbers killed and is every bit as gruesome and cruel and evil. How quickly we began to do what we once condemned!

Thus, as we walked the streets of Washington on the day of the March for Life, we felt keenly the sadness over both the Nazi crimes and our own. However, we also took courage by the words of the speakers and the resolve of the pro-life people in this huge crowd (many, many who were young and enthusiastic) and we were energized to continue in the battle for life, justice and compassion. Seeing the thousands of people who came to be a part of the march makes us see that we are not alone, but are involved with thousands who pray, fight the battle in front of abortion clinics, volunteer at CPC's, write letters, and get politically involved.

Hearing the many speakers who spoke to us with encouraging words, we remembered that the fight for sanctity of life is still a winnable war. And beyond even that, we are reminded by Holy Scripture that "nothing is impossible with God."