Monday, November 20, 2006

Pro-Life Congressmen Urge Amnesty International to Drop Abortion Advocacy

In a strongly worded letter addressed to Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International, U.S. Rep. Chris Smith and 73 other Members of Congress, including ten Democrats, urged the organization to either maintain the abortion neutral position or take a position in favor of life. The letter states that a decision to support or condone abortion would "significantly undermine Amnesty's reputation and effectiveness."

For the last several years Amnesty International has been asking its national branches if the organization should enter abortion advocacy by proposing abortion as a human right. A final decision could be made at Amnesty International's next international meeting that will be held in Mexico in August of 2007.

The letter, dated November 14, employs graphic description of abortion procedures to drive home the point. "Abortion methods either rip, tear and dismember or chemically poison the fragile bodies of unborn children to death." The letter adds: 'There is nothing whatsoever benign, compassionate or just about an act that utterly destroys the life of a baby."

It says that the Congressmen write "with great concern and alarm that the mission and reputation of Amnesty international is at risk." The letter stresses, "The most elemental human right of all - the right to life for all includes unborn babies."

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