Monday, November 20, 2006

ABC Smears Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Lacking the character to develop fact-based news stories, the Old Guard Media continues it's sad practice of merely parroting whatever the left wing opinion leaders tell them. In this particular case, ABC "newsman" (please stifle the giggles) does a hatchet job on pro-life pregnancy centers in a report severely lacking in relevance, fairness and truth.

The talking points Dan Harris followed were, of course, provided by groups so dedicated to abortion that they no longer have respect for the pro-choice rhetoric they spout. Alternatives to abortion? Can't have 'em. Informed consent? Don't want it. Protecting a woman's health? Ignore it.

From the very beginning of the abortion rights movement and, as this campaign against pro-life CPC's clearly shows is certainly continuing, the irrational passion to increase the numbers of abortion trumps such inconveniences as a woman's health, parental involvement, social stability, the very concepts of compassion and justice, and...oh yes, the intrinsic worth of human children.

The conclusion of this story includes information about contacting ABC to express your opinions of their shoddy, shameless reporting. I encourage you to follow through.