Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shady Brook Farms Not Only Sells Turkeys -- They Are Turkeys!

In this Concerned Women for America story, you'll learn that not all of the "Shady Brook Farms" turkeys have feathers. This is a striking example of the left's extreme intolerance, unfairness and fear of contrary opinions.

It is also an example of why you should make sure your family Thanksgiving meal excludes products from "Shady Brooks Farms."

In fact, you might send Cargill (owner of the subsidiary) a little note registering your concern about their high-handed promotion of homosexual marriage. The company's mailing address is Cargill, Inc. PO Box 9300 Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55440-9300. Their phone number is 1 (800) 227-4455. Or, you could use the company's web page form for e-mail contact. That page is where I mailed the following:

Dear Cargill,

This is just a quick note to 1) protest the arrogant, unfair and
unconstitutional firing of Luis Padilla because of his entirely reasonable and unintrusive support of Virginia's amendment protecting traditional marriage; and 2) to entreat you to restore to Mr. Padilla his job while insuring that the Cargill officials who acted so coercive and unjustly be firmly reprimanded.

Until these things are done, please know that I will enthusiastically pass the word that "Shady Brook Farms" turkeys (as well as other Cargill products) would be best left off one's Thanksgiving shopping list.


Denny Hartford
Omaha, Nebraska