Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looking for Change?

The Vital Signs Blog is introducing today a brand new feature -- one which we believe will greatly enhance and expand its usefulness to web surfers like yourself.

It is a topical index, located a little ways down on the left sidebar, which will allow you to pursue a particualr area of interest. We may tweak it a little bit in the days to come but I think you'll find it quite helpful.

In addition, the switch of this blog to the new beta format that Blogger started offering seems to have included an improvement on their old search capabilities. Very Nice. That too should be a nice help, allowing a visitor to use a single word or phrase to bring up posts of a very specific nature.

We have a couple more improvements in mind for Vital Signs Blog and, of course, we will keep you "posted" on them as they arrive. Thanks for making us a regular spot in your internet travels.