Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Standing Against United Nations' Intimidation

Last week, a well-respected insider and two stalwart outsiders stood up against the United Nations’ (UN) bullying. They’ve had their fill of the UN forcing nations into compliance with non-binding treaties engineered by the left to impose their views on the rest of the world. The UN, through scolding, pressure, criticism and warnings, coerces member nations into supporting actions and ideology that often are contrary to their national interests and, sometimes, even their country’s laws. Thus, the UN flaunts national sovereignty and international law in its effort to mandate leftist policies, especially those that are pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and those that supposedly “empower women.”

Three paladins who know first-hand what it means to be oppressed declared, “Enough!”...

Read the rest of this Janice Shaw Crouse article at the Concerned Women for America web site.