Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Quest for Veritas

A very interesting column here from Chuck Colson about Kelly Monroe Kullberg's book, Finding God Beyond Harvard, and the outstanding impact of Veritas Forum.

As summer simmers down, the Da Vinci Code-fever is also mercifully breaking. I only wish that the curiosity that drove 40 million people to read Brown’s thriller would drive millions more to take up a more noble quest—a quest for veritas, or truth.

That’s a quest that Kelly Monroe Kullberg has been on since long before Dan Brown’s name became a household word. Kullberg’s real-life quest, detailed in her new book Finding God Beyond Harvard, led her through the gates and archives of America’s Ivy League institutions in a search for truth. She found clues in Harvard’s wrought iron gates etched with a mysterious Latin phrase, Christo et Ecclessiae, “For Christ and the Church,” and among Princeton’s founding records and ancient seals, which bore the motto, Vitam Mortuis Reddo, “I restore life to the dead.” Clues unfolded in Dartmouth’s Rollin Chapel where drywall covered over priceless stained-glass windows of a robed man, healing, hanging on a cross, emerging from a tomb.

Kullberg did not need a cryptologist to decipher the code. And unlike the Da Vinci Code’s insinuations that there is a cover-up afoot in the Church, Kullberg found the real cover-up is happening in our universities, where academic elites are seeking to hide the fact that truth exists, that it is knowable, and that its foundation is Christ Himself...

The rest of Colson's piece is here.