Monday, September 18, 2006

Of the Perversions of Homosexuality

This story comes from Agape Press but it cites information published by the radical homosexual magazine, The Advocate itself. The report concerns two recent surveys of practicing homosexuals. One survey contacted people in the U.S., the other in Ireland, but both revealed that a large number of homosexuals continue in extremely promiscuous and dangerous sex activity.

For instance, the poll found that 20% of homosexuals said they had from 51 to 300 different sex partners in their lifetime. 8% admitted to having had more than 300 partners.

Furthermore, the surveys revealed a dramatic increase of homosexuals obtaining sexual partners from internet contacts and an ongoing aversion of many to use condoms.

One shouldn't expect, of course, that this very ugly picture of sexual perversion will make any difference in the obscurantist, grossly irresponsible treatment of homosexuality in entertainment, academic and political circles.

How terribly sad for the culture. How terribly sad for unrepentant men and women engaging in this wicked behavior.