Monday, September 18, 2006

"In Defense of Radical Christianity" by Kevin McCullough

...Pardon me for brushing aside a lot of speculation and get straight to the issue, Rosie hates evangelicals. The kinds of Christians that scare her most are the radical ones. Roughly translated that means - the ones who actually live by what they believe.

Herein is part of the difference between the ignorant Muslim-rent-a-mobs that objected to the Pope and O'Donnell. Muslims lie about what they believe. But if you look carefully enough - or just ask any Islamic scholar who will tell you the truth - the Koran advocates the killing of the infidels. And in Islam's case - that includes anyone who doesn't convert to Islam.

Rosie refuses to recognize that Muslims whose doctrine calls for them to kill us are attempting to do just that, while at the same time evangelical Christians share a theology that speaks to the need for grace to those who are in danger, and mercy for those who repent. There are thousands of Christian pastors who even this day are prepared to launch their congregations into tremendous acts of compassion for those needing emergency help and care...

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