Thursday, September 28, 2006

Frist Holding Up Key Pro-Life Measure

Remember the U.S. Senate passing the Child Custody Protection Act back in July?

The act (if it ever becomes law) would make it a federal crime for non-parental adults to take minor girls for abortions across state lines without notifying her parents. After getting by several "technical" obstacles (business as usual with our corrupt politics), the bill was passed 65-34. The House version had already passed overwhelmingly last year 270-157. President Bush is eager to sign the measure if it ever gets to his desk.

But, incredibly, that may never happen. And, if it doesn't, Jill Stanek argues that we will have one person, more than any other, to blame -- Republican majority leader, Dr. Bill Frist.

Here's Jill's World News Daily column giving you the whole story.