Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The "Divorce" Between Anglicans Is Inevitable (and Soon)

David Virtue has a new article over on Virtue Online, the "Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism." And, like always, it is a bittersweet reading experience. The bitter, of course, is that David Virtue is writing about the cowardly surrender of Christian orthodoxy by the "official" Anglican Church over the course of at least two generations now.

But the sweet is that God continues to give voice to defenders of biblical revelation and application. And Virtue Online is doing a most admirable job in that respect. I applaud him and his colleagues and pray for God's greatest blessings upon their work.

Virtue's latest article deals with the growing evidence that a major "divorce" between competing versions of Anglicanism is an inevitable (and quickly upcoming) conclusion. It is a good piece.

But also of importance are several of the comments to the article from fellow conservatives. You'll find those just following the article. The one printed below is one I found particularly valuable:

The only question remaining is if there will be enough orthodox Anglicans left to even form a separate Anglican Communion body in the United States--much less if anyone will want to remain under the empty leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Christ Church/Plano, which had been one of the (if not THE) largest parishes in TEC, has already indicated that they will most likely remain independent. Canterbury has repeatedly shown how impotent it is where matters of spiritual direction are concerned--the Anglican Communion is a rudderless ship, and the Global South has effectively set the stage for formation of a rival Anglican body worldwide (based in Nigeria).

Anyone who believes the Anglican Communion will remain intact is living in the same fool's paradise that led to revisionists gaining the upper hand 30 years ago. It's "end game," and not just for TEC.