Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Web Sites That Changed the World"

In a very interesting article, The Guardian (U.K.) has published an annotated list of the 15 web sites it believes to have most "changed the world." The paragraphs of description are full of provocative information but, knowing that some of you may not bother to go over and read them, I'll go ahead and give up the list itself.


1. eBay.com

2. wikipedia.com

3. napster.com

4. youtube.com

5. blogger.com

6. friendsreunited.com

7. drudgereport.com

8. myspace.com

9. amazon.com

10. slashdot.org

11. salon.com

12. craigslist.org

13. google.com

14. yahoo.com

15. easyjet.com