Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Of Bias, Bamboozles and Bathrooms: Our Wacky Mainstream Media

Here's a quick reference to some of today's most interesting MSM frolics:

1) Katie Couric's "Putting Your Best Body Forward" story -- Has distorting reality through photo "enhancement" now become an indispensible MSM practice? (Story from the New York Post. Hat tip to the Drudge Report.)

2) CNN's "Oops. Isn't Anyone in the Control Booth?" story -- Miked-up CNN reporters "dishing the dirt" in the loo trump the President's speech. (Story from NewsBusters.)

3) The "MSM's Love of Reality Shows...Except in their News Division" story -- The coverage of illegal immigration bears but a faint resemblance to what's actually happening. (Story in Brent Bozell's Town Hall column.)