Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vital Signs Ministries Confronts Planned Parenthood Abortionist

With C.J. Labenz closing his abortion business in Omaha, Vital Signs Ministries has now shifted its sidewalk counseling ministry to the even more grisly abortion practice of the Council Bluffs Planned Parenthood. The center there, like all PP facilities, dispenses bad advice, poor quality condoms and, under the description of "contraceptives," very dangerous chemicals. All these are heinous practices in themselves, much more deserving of government prosecution than huge government subsidies, but the Council Bluffs Planned Parenthood has gone further into shame and violence by its hiring of Meryl A. Severson to perform surgical abortions there.

Vital Signs Ministries, has organized and maintained a prayerful, peaceful sidewalk counseling presence at Omaha abortion businesses for over 24 years, including 16 years of a 3-day a week schedule in front of the 49th and L Streets abortuary (operated variously by abortionists Epp, Weidman, and Carhart) as well as over 20 years of the 6-day a week schedule they served in front of the Orr and Labenz abortion center. So, of course, the pro-life activists of Vital Signs Ministries are tired -- but definitely not too tired to stop!

As of today, these dedicated prayer warriors transfer their service in behalf of "the least of these" across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs. May God quickly answer their prayers for babies to be saved from a gruesome death, for moms and dads to be reconciled to Jesus Christ by the sharing of the gospel, for the conversion of heart of Meryl Severson and the others who ply their wicked trade there, and for the greater public exposure of Planned Parenthood's nefarious deeds.