Thursday, July 13, 2006

NJ Supreme Court to Hear Important Medical Malpractice Case Against Abortionist

The radical judicial fiat of Roe v Wade continues on its collision course with scientific realities, especially the technology that has allowed us to not only see into the womb, but to medically treat the tiny patient therein. Thus, the ever increasing awareness by the public of abortion's injustice, unnaturalness and barbarity.

Other developments that have dramatically damaged the "abortion rights" cause is that we're learning more every day about how unsafe abortion is to the adult woman and of how uncaring, secretive, incompetent and manipulative abortionists are in their businesses.

Today's decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court to hear an appeals case from a woman hurt by abortion and misled by the abortionist shows again the schizophrenia in medical practice, law and culture that Roe v Wade began. And anytime there is careful scrutiny of the details of that schizophrenia, the abortionists squirm.

Indeed, this case (Rose Acuna v Sheldon V. Turkish) is particularly worrying to them because it forces the court to consider what science has clearly established; namely, that a baby is a baby even in the first trimester.

Note the wording used in this medical malpractice, informed consent case. The plaintiff, Rosa Acuna, both as an individual and as the Administratrix of the estate of "Michael Doe," sued Dr. Sheldon C. Turkish because he failed to obtain proper informed consent from her before terminating her pregnancy. The plaintiff claimed that Turkish "failed to inform her that [the fetus, Michael Doe], although a person unborn, was a complete, separate, unique and irreplaceable human being...."

This is definitely a story to watch...and to pray about.

For more on this case, you might check out this article from last April by the Alliance Defense Fund.