Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It Pays to Dress Up

It is very trendy nowadays to "dress down" to impress people with how common, how self-effacing, how approachable you are. It is a trend evident even in church services where congregants have dismissed earlier traditions when worshippers tried to honor the Lord in their demeanor, sobriety and including their attire. But modern Sunday mornings have folks showing up in shorts, sweatsuits, midriff-baring pullovers -- you name it. Casual and comfortable are the watchwords even if classless and clueless are also. And this trend is rapidly being embraced by the leadership of the church too as preachers naively believe that going without a tie or coat somehow enhances the persuasive power of their sermon. Sigh.

But here is a nifty story of a young entrepreneur who challenged the fashion myths and found that it paid off quite handsomely.