Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Anti-Christian "Catholics"

Do you ever wonder how extreme the heterodoxy has to get before the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops finally engage the dissenters and demagogues? Well, if they let churches like Minneapolis' St. Joan of Arc continue like it is, there will soon be no meaning whatsoever to the phrase, "church authority."

Stephen Brady, founder of Roman Catholic Faithful, recently drew attention to the far-out activities of the church and strongly criticized Archbishop Harry Flynn for letting the circus go on without interference. For instance, the church web site openly promotes a yearly "prayer service" for homosexuals, bi-sexuals and the transgenered as well as featuring the church's support of many liberal causes, including even the "reproductive freedom" campaign of the ACLU!

And, as if those things weren't bad enough, perusing the web site will reveal several other items of grievous disappointment to faithful Catholics...and, indeed, even to evangelical non-Catholics like myself.

Archbishop Flynn, just why on earth do you let this stuff go?