Sunday, July 30, 2006

Amnesty International's Desire to Promote Abortion Is Beginning to Hit the Headlines

The move by pro-life citizens to keep Amnesty International from engaging in abortion advocacy is beginning to go public. And that's a good thing.

When the story first started leaking out last spring, visitors here at Vital Signs Blog were encouraged to write, call, or e-mail Amnesty International to pass on their opinions about a human rights organization transforming itself into an anti-human rights organization. (See this post to refresh your memory and note below the contact information for Amnesty International's U.S office.)

This approach; namely, bringing the lights of truth and justice to the powers that be and reminding them that someone is watching what they do is, of course, classic Amnesty International stuff. They have effectively promoted and organized such activities against human rights abusers for decades.

But, when they themselves conspire to engage in immoral actions against preborn children, they cling to the same kind of self-righteous stubborness they've seen in hardline dictators. As the AP news story describes it, "Amnesty officials were unavailable for interviews, but the group released a statement from its London headquarters saying the group 'does not make policy according to the ebbs and flows of external pressure.'"

Poor dears.

Of course, when you've tried to keep this move towards abortion advocacy in the closet...and when you keep leaders unavailable for comment...and when you release an arrogant, yet unsigned, statement that you're not concerned about "external pressure," you reveal all too clearly that you are.

Therefore, your letters, calls and e-mails remain very much in order.

Amnesty International Web site --
Telephone of the U.S. office -- 212 807 8400
Address of the U.S. office -- 5 Penn Plaza - 14th floor
New York
NY 10001
E-mail of the U.S. office --