Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who's the Best Candidates for a Near-Death Experience?

I like tripping over to Live every once in a while, mainly to see what kind of "junk science" stories are being taken seriously by these folks. Today I found the usual stuff: a scare piece predicting the demise of one quarter of the world's animal species in 45 years; another emphasizing that global warming is going to endanger igloos (no kidding); and some simulated pictures designed to illustrate how fish first started hunting prey on land. Regarding the latter, I think Gary Larson had better illustrations in his Far Side cartoons but I'll let that pass.

Anyhow, my favorite "junk science" story today from this site is the one about a study trying to help determine who is a likely candidate for a "near death" experience and who (by default, I guess) is more likely to pop off without such warnings. The key, by the way, is in one's REM sleep patterns.

Of course, the important point to be made in this context is that every one of us is an excellent candidate for the sure-death experience. No way around it. As the Bible says, "It is appointed unto man once to die and then comes the judgment." So, rather than worrying too much about seeing a bright light in some near-death vision, it only makes sense to first guarantee that you'll see the Light of the World before you when the real thing comes along.

And that is easily done. Jesus Christ paid the penalty of our sins through His sacrificial death on Golgotha's cross. He did it willingly because He loves us so. And His forgiveness with its truimphant reward of life in His heaven after our death is offered to all. Jesus said," He who believes in Me will never die."

Near-death experiences? Who knows and who cares. But escaping the forever curse of spiritual death by trusting Jesus Christ as your Savior? That is the matter to make sure of!