Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cracking Down on Lobster Abuse in Italy

This story needs no additional commentary. The irony is too obvious -- as is the danger it reveals about the most absurd political correctness increasingly being enforced by law...

They might not be able to cuddle or play fetch like most cats and dogs, but an Italian restaurant has been fined over $860 for its display of lobsters on ice to attract customers, in an innovative application of an anti-cruelty law usually applied to household pets.
According to reports, a court in the northeastern city of Vicenza ruled the display was a form of abuse dooming the crustaceans to a slow death by suffocation.

"We're appealing," says Giuseppe Scalesia, who runs La Conchiglia D'Oro, or Golden Shell, restaurant along with his brother Camillo.
"They said that the lobsters, laying on the ice, suffer... They compared them in court to other animals, like cats and dogs."

According to the restaurateur, four years ago there were no specific guidelines on maintaining live lobsters, regulations which entered the law books only in 2004, Italian news agency ANSA reports...