Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who Will Stand Up for Abdul Rahman?

The AP story here suggests the growing concern in Germany over the extreme religious intloerance shown by Muslim countries; i.e. the trial in Afghanistan of Abdul Rahman who faces a death sentence for converting to Christianity. Still, the reactions of political leaders in the West over this tragic arrogance shown by Muslim leaders remain far shy of the bold opposition that simple justice demands. Compare, for instance, the quick, loud and comprehensive criticism Western officials made of the Dutch cartoons to the very weak front they've shown to the ongoing religious oppression of Muslim governments.

From the news story, here is an example of the U.S. non-reponse:

The Bush administration issued a subdued appeal Tuesday to Afghanistan to permit Rahman to practice his faith in the predominantly Muslim country. The State Department, however, did not urge the U.S. ally in the war against terrorism to terminate the trial. Officials said the Bush administration did not want to interfere with Afghanistan's sovereignty.

The President wants to export democracy but not the basics of religious freedom? Bad call.