Friday, January 06, 2006

An Important Nebraska Pro-Life Bill Needs Your Support

From State Senator Mike Foley...

Dear Friends:

Early next week, the Nebraska Legislature will begin debate on LB 57 – "The Assault of the Unborn Child Act".

This bill provides criminal penalties for any person who commits an act of violence against a pregnant woman that result in serious bodily injury to her unborn child. Previous successful legislation on this topic only provided criminal penalties for the death – but not injury – to the unborn child.

For example, if a drunk driver smashes into a pregnant woman and her unborn child suffers permanent brain damage as a direct result of the crash, no criminal charges could be brought against the drunk driver for the injury to the child under today’s law. LB 57 addresses that legal deficiency.

I write today to beg for your prayers and spiritual sacrifices for the successful passage of this important legislation. We are expecting a very difficult battle.

Please pray that Our Lord will bless our pro-life legislative work.
Thank you very much


Mike Foley
State Senator