Monday, January 16, 2006

CEDAW's Abortion Fixation

From Life Issues...

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimanation Against Woman (CEDAW) in its recent thirty-third session, began its meeting with the same tired charges against Ireland and other countries for not acknowledging women's right to abortion.

But Kriztina Morval of Hungary spoke, "One thing that is lost in this debate is that abortion is bad for women. No woman wants to have an abortion. We have the illusion that women have free choice, but abortion is terribly damaging psychologically, spiritually and physically." She went ahead to say that she hopes one day "abortion will be a thing of the past and considered like torture in the field of human rights." She then focused on the responsibility of men, explaining that the majority of women choose abortion because their partners did not support their pregnancy. Talk about a breath of fresh air. Thank you Kriztina Morval.