Monday, December 12, 2005

A Respectful Protest

Speaking of regular Vital Signs Blog visitor, Quint Coppi, I asked him permission to print his letter to University of Connecticut President, Philip Austin. Quint had written it after reading the VSB entry about Ann Coulter's trashy treatment by leftist student protestors at a recent UCONN event. It is a great letter AND it is a great example of how we should all cultivate a spirit of response to what we learn from the various "watchmen on the wall." Good job, Quint.

Here's the letter...

Dear President Austin,

I am a UCONN alumnus, having graduated in 1950. After commissioning through the Air Force ROTC program, I went on to serve for twenty-three years as a military officer. In the service, I learned a code of working with subordinates, with my contemporaries and my superior officers. Mutual respect was at the heart of successful military life. It has also stood me well in my civilian years, after retirement from the service.

All this is to get to the point of my letter. Recently, a noted conservative journalist, Ann Coulter, was invited to speak at the University. Not only was she not treated with respect by many students and others who disagreed with her, but she was subjected to outright shameful behavior. It would have been better to not invite her in the first place.

However, this is America, and we should be able to have civil discourse with those whom we disagree. Thoughtful debate lies at the very heart of our representative system. If we can't have this, anarchy rules, and we lose our precious freedom. I suggest that in the future, attendees to all programs, whether there are likely to be differences of opinion or not, be admonished to show respect and courtesy. Those who act irresponsibly should quickly be ejected.

Sincerely yours,

Lt. Col. (ret.) USAF Quintin J. Coppi

If you'd like to join Quint in making this protest of the shameful way in which Ann Coulter was treated, here's the info...

President~Philip E. Austin
Gulley Hall, Storrs Campus
352 Mansfield Rd., Unit 2048
Storrs, CT 06269-2048

FAX # (860) 486-2627
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