Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Communist China Launching Cyber-Attacks?

Let's see now --- why do Claire and I try and avoid buying goods from Communist China?

* Severe persecution of religious believers.

* Coercive abortion and sterilzation policies.

* Harvesting and selling human body parts.

* Extensive use of slave labor and denial of worker's rights, safety and health concerns.

* A long list of other human rights abuses.

* Support of repressive governments in Burma, Belarus, and other places.

* Destruction of national economies (like our own) through cheap imports.

* Support of terrorists.

* Military aggression in Asia...and beyond.

* Extemsive spy networks in their own country and many others.

* Theft of Western tecnology.

* And, oh yes -- one more little thing...

Communist China is an extremely pernicious, extremely dangerous enemy to the United States.

Here's a news story dealing with one of the more recent evidences of China's sinister intentions towards the West; namely, a systematic campaign by Chinese military hackers to penetrate U.S. government and business computer networks.