Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Southern Baptist Convention's Patience Wearing Thin with Liberal Schools

Here's a brief report for Family News in Focus by Kim Trobee:

Southern Baptists are tiring of colleges that take their money and ignore their teaching. An increasing number of state Baptist conventions are finding themselves severing ties with Baptist colleges and universities over differences in doctrine. The latest example is in Georgia where the state association voted overwhelmingly to discontinue funding to Mercer University.

J. Robert White, the Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Convention, said "This is just another in a long history of incompatible experiences that have taken place... I think the convention is weary of being told that things are corrected and then learning later that things have merely continued but underground." The agency will withdraw nearly 3.5 million dollars in annual support to Mercer and sever all ties with the school.

Kenyn Cureton of the Southern Baptist Convention stated, "When a majority of the state convention messengers decide that a college or university no longer reflects their Biblical foundations, it's not uncommon for them to withdraw their support. We back up their decision whatever it is."

Wake Forest, Baylor and Belmont are also no longer supported by their state conventions because of liberal policies.