Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's All About Abortion

Forget the code words. Dismiss the nuance. Ignore even the other mantras interminably intoned by the left.

It's all about abortion.

The nationally syndicated sage, Bill Murchison, has the liberals' number -- and it adds up to the barbaric, tragic insistence on terminating preborn kids.

...From the looks of things, the Senate will end up confirming Roberts anyway. That still doesn't dislodge the apprehension -- which if anything should be growing -- that the United States of America is in servitude to a narrow cultural dogma. Whatever else modern America stands for has nothing like the centrality in our affairs of the right to abort a pregnancy.

The Constitution, it almost seems, exists to make sure no woman has to have a baby she doesn't want. No sucker game of this magnitude was ever before played on the citizens of a great democracy. It all comes down to abortion. Oh, boy....

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