Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Family That Eats Together...

Here's some sobering findings from the Howard Center about what happens to the individual members of a family when they stop having meals together. You will see there that the omission is a very serious matter.

A few years ago I had author, Christian apologist and former L'Abri staff leader, Os Guinness, on the Vital Signs Weekend radio program. Among the comments he made in that interview that really struck a chord with listeners was how significant a factor in the decline of the West was this error; namely, that families hadn't enough cohesion to even eat a meal together. He suggested this issue was more important a factor in the breakdown of the family than many others that get more attention.

Check out the brief Howard Center items by clicking on the title of this post. But if you'd also like to hear that 10-minute interview with Os Guinness, click right here.