Monday, August 22, 2005

Yet Another Promising Development In Adult Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Blog is an excellent pro-life site with exhaustive and up-to-date news on the developments of adult stem cell research (and current medical uses) which I recommend be among your bookmarks. An example of their value is today's story on how two technologies are merging (the use of blood cells from umbilical cords and the advances in microgravity) to yield very promising results in the re-creation of nerve and pancreatic cells.

An excerpt:

...Microgravity technology developed by NASA can multiply stem cells from a newborn's blood in large enough quantities to be used to regenerate human tissue, London scientists have found.

Researchers at U.K.-based Kingston University have discovered primitive stem cells in the umbilical cord blood of infants that are similar to those from human embryos, which can be used to develop into any tissue in the body. The newly discovered human cells, called "cord-blood-derived embryonic-like stem cells" or CBEs, are more versatile than adult stem cells, found in bone marrow, which can mend damaged tissue during life...

Check out the rest of the article here. And then use this link to create a bookmark to Stem Cell Blog.