Monday, August 22, 2005

The Chorus of Life

The Chorus of Life

The reason she went to the clinic that day
Was just as simple as it seems.
She wasn’t prepared for a baby right now.
It was sad but she had other dreams.

Her career, her boyfriend, her trim figure too –
She wanted everything to stay as it was.
So, even if she knew abortion was wrong,
She could excuse it. Everyone does.

But her decision proved not quite so easy
Because more was at stake than her choice.
And though her unborn son remained silent,
God used others to give him a voice.

For instance, a billboard out on the highway
Showed an infant so charming, so dear,
With a caption, “Mom, please don’t hurt me.”
Oh, that message came through loud and clear.

Then on her radio, a woman explained
That abortion broke two hearts, not one.
A pregnancy aid group sponsored that ad
And by so doing, spoke for her son.

And there was a new believer in prison
And an old woman confined to her bed –
Both were praying hard against abortion
“Lord, save a child today” their hearts pled.

And right there at the doors of the clinic
Other appeals were earnestly prayed.
There Christians shared love from the sidewalk
As gentle pro-life banners swayed.

Yes, there were many impassioned voices
Which in various ways were upraised –
Interceding for both parent and child
And through them all, God’s truth brightly blazed.

Thus was her decision complicated
By those saints God’s Spirit had stirred.
And she felt His urgent persuasion
And, at last, her spirit concurred.

So she drove away from that grim clinic
Praising the God she’d finally believed.
And she thanked Him for the pro-lifers present
And the life-saving words she’d received.

That morning saw two futures rescued
But the credit belongs to just who?
Well, it’s for all who defend the defenseless
Who do whatever it is they can do.

For as God looks down from His heaven,
He delights in the faith that we show.
And He multiplies our every effort
Accomplishing more than we’ll ever know.

(Written by Denny Hartford, 2004)