Monday, August 15, 2005

Unethical Ethicists, Unscientific Scientists and the Unsenatorial Bill Frist

Bill Frist wants to be President. But Bill Frist hasn't the character, the courage, or even the intelligence for that critical office. Here's just a couple of examples as pointed out by Bob Novak.

Frist's Republican colleagues cannot understand why he surprised them with his new stem cell position at a time when they wanted him to brag of the sudden burst of Senate productivity with passage of the transportation, energy and gun bills. It could not be presidential politics, because advocacy of new embryonic research alienates social conservatives whose support he needs.

"I spent weeks talking with the best scientists and ethicists in the world about this issue," Frist said in a long e-mail to supporters last week explaining his position. In this message, Frist did not address his timing or the political impact, providing further evidence that he thinks like the transplant surgeon he once was rather than the politician he now is.

Umm..what did you say, Senator? If the folks you talked to really encouraged you to break with President Bush on the embryonic stem cell issue, I've got news for you. They're not even close to the scientific facts about ESCR's record of total failure OR the hugely promising results of "adult" stem cells. And ethicists? Brother Bill, if your ethicists do not balk at creating humans simply to exploit and kill them, they are not worth the air they're blathering into.

Pass the word. Any Republican (running for any office) who surrenders to the left on this basic moral issue does not deserve any political support whatsoever...including letting the issue of their cave-in fade away.