Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chemical Abortion: Just Give Me the Facts

I print below a nice response to the material we have over on the "official" Vital Signs Ministries web site ( that discusses the chemical abortifacient properties of so-called birth control pills. A reader wrote:

Just found your site today. Thanks for being one more voice to unapologetically tell the truth about "The Pill", the IUD, Norplant and other hormonal contraceptives/abortifacients.

Sadly, many Christians remain WILLINGLY ignorant of the facts about these methods. My husband and I have encountered not a little hostility over our decision not to use hormonal methods, and the reasons and ethical concerns we give are quickly dismissed as "extreme".

Your site and others like it are helping to raise the awareness that may eventually highlight the credibility this information already has, deserves, and needs to be taken seriously. We believe this is a stronghold of disobedience (misinformation in the name of "Christian Liberty") within the church that needs to be brought to light and repented of. May God use you (and all of us who know the truth) to be instruments for this cause....

I can't wait to place a link to Vital Signs Ministries on our home page.

The VSM web site has quite a bit of excellent pro-life information on all sorts of topics. But among the articles dealing specifically with chemical abortion is a great discussion featuring pro-life pioneer Dr. Tom Hilgers, then-Pharmacists for Life Vice -President Larry Frieders and Vital Signs' own Denny Hartford. Give it a visit.