Monday, June 13, 2005

Topeka Abortionist Loses License

From comes this report --

A Kansas agency has permanently revoked the medical license of a Kansas City abortion practitioner cited repeatedly for violating health and safety standards at his abortion facility. Krishna Rajanna closed his abortion business two months ago when his license was temporarily suspended.

In a unanimous vote on Friday, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts decided to remove Rajanna's license for good. A BOHA inspector made two surprise visits in March to Rajanna's abortion business and reported that the facility was unclean, Rajanna and his staff kept syringes of medications in an unlocked refrigerator, and he found a dead mouse in the hallway.

Rajanna told the Associated Press that he had not been given an opportunity to correct the problems, but this wasn't the first inspections where problems were found. He also told the board in early April that the problems had been corrected. An employee at the abortion facility first reported the problems. She witnessed firsthand the lack of safe medical procedures at the abortion facility where she worked, including the use of dishwashers to sterilize equipment, as well as lack of background checks and medical training for medical assistants. Board members said Rajanna shouldn't need the board's constant reminders to keep a clean facility. Robert Manske, Rajanna's attorney, said his client may appeal the decision to a district court, but no determination has been made.