Monday, June 13, 2005

More on Scheidler vs NOW (via FUMARE)

I missed blogging yesterday (I was preaching and then visiting in Greenfield, Iowa) but I came home to find this note from my good friend and pro-life colleague in Chicago, Dr. Tim Sullivan:

Denny, Another update on the Scheidler v Now case. Especially interesting is the next to the last paragraph. If I was a member of the 7th circuit, I would really have a red face. If the SCOTUS does not summarily dismiss this, I will be at a loss for words!

Here is the story (an excellent one, by the way) from the blog FUMARE Tim was talking about.

Well then, a few e-mails down from Tim's was one from Charles Ryder himself alerting me to FUMARE''s subsequent post in which he comments on the response to his message from NOW President, Kim Gandy. Both articles are important reads.

(And Charles, thanks for the complement about Vital Signs Blog. Much appreciated.)