Friday, May 13, 2005

A Letter to a Planned Parenthood Supporter

Dear Johnson & Johnson,

To be among the corporate sponsors of the world's most influential abortion promoter is a terribly sad thing. Your corporation, of course, is in that ignoble company. Do you realize, however, that your support of Planned Parenthood also involves you in the actual practice of abortion since Planned Parenthood goes way beyond anti-natal propaganda; they are the world's number one provider of abortion too!

Isn't it time your company stopped helping destroy preborn boys and girls? Please reconsider your corporate giving policies.


Denny Hartford

Of course, Johnson & Johnson is only one of many corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood. Information on others can be obtained from a few places but the most comprehensive, up-to-date material comes from Life Decisions International. I suggest you get their list and invite a few friends over for your own letter-writing party soon.