Friday, May 13, 2005

"Finger Food" Follies Finale'

I must admit this sordid affair has turned out exactly as I predicted when the gruesome story first broke. Wendy's did not serve up a severed finger in their chili. Nevertheless, the restaurant chain has suffered a loss of business (and reputation) because of insensitive, impatient and inaccurate media who found it a spicier story to report the wild claims of a litigation addict rather than the facts of the case, including such pertinent items as the finger wasn't cooked, wasn't stained, and wasn't belonging to anybody in the Wendy's network of food handlers!

But then, who cares who's hurt as long as the story sells papers?

As we figured, though, the finger followed the fraud. Ms. Anna Ayala is guilty of fraud, extortion, lying, false accusation, character assassination, greed, whining, and a dreadful lack of parenting skills. (The last charge is due to her drawing her children in as co-conspirators in her shakedown scheme.) We won't sit up waiting for her apology to Wendy's nor will we expect one from the irresponsible media.

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