Friday, March 10, 2023

“Lighthouse” Letters: Examples from Vital Signs’ Latest Letter-Writing Party (Part 2)

Here are a few more examples from Monday's letter-writing party, the latest in Vital Signs Ministries' quarterly ministry of this kind. As I mentioned previously, they were written by different people but all with a desire to be a light in the darkness, offering (as needed in the particular case) enlightenment, inspiration, or encouragement, instead of merely cursing the darkness. 

Like those posted yesterday, today’s notes deal with various pro-life, religious freedom, and morality issues and I certainly hope they might motivate you to write some letters on your own. We always are available to help you do so with information, tips on letter-writing, addresses, and so on. Let's go...

* Dear Southwest Airlines,

Your company has fallen into the same “woke extremism” as so many others and has thereby insulted the vast majority of those who make up your would-be profit base.  Because of this outlandish promotion of leftist ideology and unnatural, dishonorable lifestyle practices, I am one of the many who will seek alternatives to your services.

* Dear CVS,

We write with profound concerns about your decision to sell the abortion drug Mifepristone.  Indeed, because you certainly know the lethal effect of this poisonous drug – it kills preborn boys and girls – we will no longer be shopping at your stores.

Please reconsider this tragic and terribly misguided decision.

* Dear Governor Jim Pillen,

I pray for you to have godly wisdom and to seek His will in all of your decisions.  I pray you will God fearing and be strong in the decisions you make for Nebraskans.  God has allowed you to be our governor.

Please take a strong stand against abortion and abortion pills, transgenderism and woke CRT ideology.

We also need charter schools and revamping our education system.  Discipline of our children needs to come back.  They are crying out for boundaries and teachers and principals’ hands are tied and can’t do their job.  My husband teaches for OPS and I work for OPS also and we have seen the decline of our school system.  We need help.

* Senator DeBoer,

I know that you have opposed LB626 – the Heartbeat bill, but I want to ask you to reconsider this opposition.  Babies in the womb deserve the protection of adults and I pray you will agree.

* Mr. Tucker Carlson,

It is with great gratitude that I write to thank you for your courage in reporting what so few are willing to cover. You stand out among your peers.  I have been skeptical for a long time about reporting on the major networks and print publications because I have seen firsthand how they lie about pro-life Americans. It is amazing you are able to break through.

I pray that you are protected in all that you do and that you know the One Who is truth in fulness.

* United Airlines

Mr. Gary C. Kelly,

My #1 priority when traveling by air is safety and so I am concerned about the best qualified pilots, co-pilots, mechanics, and technicians. I do not care about your employees' sexual proclivities, so please do not think that virtue signaling about how biologically or sexually diverse your crews are is going to impress me as an air traveller. Indeed, I am actually less inclined to use your airlines now that I know this is a priority in your hiring.

* Dear Alliance Defending Freedom,

Part of every Vital Signs Ministries letter-writing party – after we have written letters urging actions on sanctity of life, religious freedom, and other values arising from biblical truth – we make sure we write with thanks and encouragement to a few of the genuine “good guys” in the fight.  And, we wanted to make sure we acknowledge the excellent work being done by your team in enlightening, inspiring, and helping equip saints across the country to stand strong for these values.

Way to go, guys.  You will remain in our frequent prayers.

* Dear Rev. Graham,

In this tempestuous and decadent culture, you and Samaritan’s Purse and BGEA remain beacons of light for the Lord Jesus.  And you do so with winsome and wise service that has such an effective, persuasive effect.  Thank you so much.  And may our Lord continue to lead, protect, purify, and empower you and your colleagues.

We are honored to support Samaritan’s Purse with only a little bit of money but with a whole lot of prayer and public praise.

* Dear Senator Ricketts,

We send along our sincere congratulations for your appointment to the U.S. Senate. It is a much deserved honor and a great blessing to the people of Nebraska…and the nation. We are certain that the same quality of wise, principles leadership that make your tenure as Governor so effective will be a hallmark of your services in the Senate.  And we will be praying to that end.

And, of course, we will pray that you will become one of the strongest of voices there in D.C. for the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and family values.

Again, congratulations.