Thursday, December 29, 2022

The Transgender Predicament (A Guest Post)

Our longtime friend and pro-life colleague, Dr. Ralph Kramper, recently penned some observations for a letter to the editor. Because he makes sage comments on the issue, I certainly hope the newspaper accepts and prints his letter. But in case they don't, I wanted to pass his remarks along.

 The Transgender Predicament

(Ralph J. Kramper MD, A Scribe of the Holy Spirit)

I was a family medicine intern and resident in the early 1970s.  I was introduced to “sex change” patients (adult males) when called to that care unit from time to time.  I recall that it was often a difficult place to visit to help.

Today, “gender identity” is at the forefront.  I would agree with those who say it is a predominantly psychological, mental issue.  However, we must call on common sense which tells us you cannot cure the “identity confusion” with surgery.

Sound reason and medical science tells us you “cannot make somebody into something they are not.”  We must all have compassion and love for those individuals and their families dealing with such a difficult dilemma.  We are taught in psychology that maturity in females arrived in the late teens, while it was mid-20s for many males.  Let’s be patient and give it the “tincture of time.”

One might ask, why is this a predicament?  Well, in medicine, there were problems and predicaments.  A problem was understandable and usually somewhat straightforward, usually solvable by human reason and thought.  Predicaments were very complex and often difficult to assess and provide appropriate analysis and treatment.  Frequently, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the scenario and couldn’t offer much advice.

I learned that only God could solve a predicament, but I could listen and pray.  Many times, I was later told how helpful I was in the process.  I knew how little advice I offered.

The transgender crisis that is pervading our society can only be resolved by listening to a Supreme Being and praying for His guidance.