Friday, August 19, 2022

The August Colorado Adventures (In Pictures)

Unable to make it out to Colorado for my birthday this year (July 5th), we were delighted to arrange for a later trip for the 2nd week of August -- one that involved another 14er climb, a few other wonderful hikes, pleasant morning coffees and late evening conversations on the condo deck, and a couple of marvelous days shared with dear friends Ron & Linda Scheffler and Mark & Benita Fichter. 

Here are a few photos beginning with a view of the ridge west of Frisco 
taken from Sapphire Point.

On the trail to Rainbow Lake, we took this photo of the wildflowers 
adorning the view looking north.

Next is a photo from Rainbow Lake itself.

Next is a photo of Claire near a lovely, gurgling stream near the River Run condo where we stayed the first 4 nights of the trip.

I was honored to once again hike the Colorado mountains with distinguished Christian brothers Ron and Mark. This photo was taken just west of Hoosier Pass and it shows the dramatic outline of Mt. Quandary in the background.

Oh, if only my camera could truly capture the thrilling beauty of this scene!
It is taken looking west from Hoosier Pass.

Okay, now for a few photos from the Mt. Quandary climb:
First, the mountain as seen from Highway 9 a few miles south of Breckenridge.

Next a serene view taken early in the trek.

Things eventually get a bit steeper and more rugged.

Until, at long last, the summit makes its awesome, ominous shape clear.

But with the great grace of Christ, I managed to make
 the summit of my 5th Colorado 14er.

What a grand experience! Thank You, Lord.