Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

Wow, what a letter-writing party last night! While the rain drenched the neighborhood, 13 of us were comfortably situated around tables in both our dining room and living room writing letters of advocacy, courteous protest, encouragement, and thanksgiving. 

As is our pattern at these quarterly events, we conclude the letter writing itself after an hour and 20 minutes. And yet, incredibly enough, we ended the night with 137 cards and letters! Yet that's not the whole of it because two of our "regulars" who couldn't attend because of a leg injury, nevertheless took part in the ministry by writing 14 cards and letters of their own! Way to go, everyone!

Interested in more details? Well, I think the August LifeSharer letter may present more information plus, in the next few days, I will be posting several samples of last night's work on Vital Signs Blog. But for now I'll tell you that among the targets for last night's letters were Supreme Court Justices (24 letters and cards), businesses guilty of pro-abortion zealotry (36), political officials (19), Christian ministry heroes (13), local first responders (5), and Christians imprisoned for their Christian faith in China, Eritrea, and Iran (14). 

The photos, by the way, show the pile as Claire sorted them and then me selecting a representative few for public viewing. Thank you so much to Don, John, Keith, Carol, Jim, Jean, Allen, Cindy, Patrick, Mary, Deb, Lynn, and Dan -- you guys are aces!