Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Cards -- With a Purpose

What a terrific Christmas card party last! 20 participants. Stimulating and warm-hearted fellowship around 4 tables. And, in about 90 minutes, that remarkable group completed 158  cards and letters! Wow.

Among the recipients of our efforts will be politicians, business leaders, Christian champions, first responders, and lonely senior citizens. Also, 22 Christians imprisoned for their Christian beliefs in Iran, China, and Eritrea were each sent 3 different Christmas cards with encouraging messages and Scriptures in their own language!

Dear friends, perhaps you should ask your pastor, “Wouldn’t this kind of letter-writing party be an excellent outreach ministry for our church? Winsome. Relevant. Easily do-able. Even fun. What about it?”

Oh, by the way, beginning tomorrow and continuing for a couple of days or so, we will post a few of those Christmas cards here on the blog.