Sunday, October 10, 2021

The First Week of a (Working) Vacation

Well, we have completed (and then some) the first week of our annual working vacation down here in Branson and we have been pleased with its course. On the vacation front, we have taken three long hikes beside Table Rock Lake and another in Dogwood Canyon; fed ducks on Lake Tanneycomo; had a little bit of success in clothes shopping; had a cook-out at the Lake; enjoyed a few meals out at our favorite Branson diners; strolled along the booths at the Hollister Grape Festival; and twice now attended the Sunday worship service of Friendly Baptist Church. Contributing to our enjoyment has been the presence here in Branson for a few days of Keith and Carol Moran with whom we spent several delightful times.

 And on the working front? We’ve had a pretty good run there as well. I wrote the October LifeSharer letter during one of the early morning coffee times I take every day at the Branson Panera and we got it sent back to the printer. We participated in the Life Chain. We’ve written and sent quite a few letters. We made a video recording of my sermon for this Sunday’s Aksarben Village Senior Living church service. We finished the 3rd quarter evaluations of the year’s resolutions and discussed them. And finally, we got quite a bit of reading in. 

 What’s up for our second week? We certainly will be feeding the ducks another time or two as well as dining again at the Keeter Center there at the College of the Ozarks. We will also be working on preparations for the Vital Signs Pie Social on Friday, November 5th where we will be celebrating our 50th marriage anniversary. And there’s sermon prep for Aksarben Village, correspondence, reading, lake walking, prayers sessions, and crafting talks for a men’s retreat for Grace Bible Church and a chili cook-off event for Fremont Nazarene Church. This annual working vacation has, over the years, been a wonderful help to us personally and to Vital Signs and we are so grateful to the VSM Board for allowing us the time.